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Judy Sims, CEO & Founder


Coach. Trainer.

Talent Accelerator.

Judy is a pioneering leadership trainer and much sought-after leadership coach.

In past lives, Judy was a corporate vice-president, a start-up CEO and a strategy consultant.

In her current life, Judy is the author of the book, The Unstuck Leader, and founder of both

The Center for Expansive Leadership and

The Expansive Woman Project.

Her mission is to change the world, one

Expansive Leader at a time.


Judy's Book


Judy's Blog


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What Clients Say About Judy

"Judy is clear-sighted and intuitive. She helps her clients find the best path forward, and supports them on the steep ascent."

Karen Mazurkewich

VP Strategic Communications, MaRS Discovery District

"Judy's approach and insights are meaningful and proven to be timeless. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to fine tune their leadership and executive skills."

Luis Saffe

Software Development Manager, Amazon

"Every person on my management team gave Judy glowing reviews. She's approachable, insightful and has had a lasting impact on their career development."

Nancy Peterson

CEO, HomeStars

"Judy was insightful, engaging and inspiring. She gave us lots of actionable ways to thrive by putting truth ahead of comfort and leading from our core values. For anyone who's feeling stuck and looking to become an expansive leader, I highly recommend."

Alison Simpson

CMO at Key, CNB Board Director

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