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Coaching Programs

Designed to Transform

Expansive Leaders aren't only high performing; they're confident, energized and inspiring. Their teams are focused, trusting and collaborative. Clients experience heightened creativity, energy and joy (yes, joy!).


Expansive Leadership Coaching Pillars


Create and operate from an expansive state of being. Experience openness, calm and clarity.


Live in a world of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity and still have the capacity to make quality decisions.

System Leadership

Identify the underlying systems and structures that are adversely affecting your work and your business as a whole.

Consistent Practice

Commit to leadership as a practice. Learn how to properly show up for work and for life.


Expansive Leader Program

Best for: Directors, VPs, GMs

Goal: Help highly capable employees get out of their own way so they can perform at their full potential.

Sometimes even the best employees can have patterns of belief and behavior that limit potential, stunt progress and derail careers.

Together, over a 26-week period, we will zoom in on these maladaptive patterns and build strategies to eliminate them.

Innovator Intensive Program


Best for: VPs, GMs, C-Suite, CEOs

Goal: Learn not only how to do the things that great leaders do, but also how to become the kind of person who does the things that great leaders do.

Innovation is born not of the heroics of a singular leader, but rather of the interconnectedness of people and the ideas within complex systems. This phenomenon is known as "emergence".

Over a 52-week period, learn to sense and enable emergence through authentic understanding of self, others, and the maladaptive systems at play in the organization.

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