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Finally. Leadership Training that Doesn't Quit

Lasting growth. Lasting change. Lasting ROI.


Most leaders are fine.


But in a world that continues to grow more complex, more challenging and less predictable, fine is just not good enough.

We need leaders who are grounded in strong core values and purpose, yet are also open to new people, new ideas and new situations.

These leaders are game changers. They prioritize truth over comfort. They see the world for what it is, not what they want to be. They seek the best answers, not the easiest or most convenient.


And, they reach extraordinary levels of success.

We call them Expansive Leaders.

It's Time for a New Kind of Leader


Leadership Training Designed for a Particular Moment

Companies come to The Center for Expansive Leadership when they are growing or changing rapidly, the stakes are high and they're facing a lot of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

The teams in these companies are newly formed and often remote, with big targets and even bigger expectations. It's an exciting time, but also a critical one as this is when the groundwork for future success is laid.

Our training programs are designed to create leaders and teams that are trusting, collaborative and committed. Issues arise sooner. Problem solving is more effective and implementation is accelerated.

In other words, the company, and the people within it are operating at their full potential.

Leadership Training Designed to Last


The truth is, most leadership training doesn't work for the long-term. 

Why? Because most training happens over one to three days, with no follow-up support. This one and done approach sets leaders up to fail.

Research shows leaders want personalized learning experiences along with formal training workshops, one-on-one coaching and opportunities for connection and collaboration.

We couldn't agree more.

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