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Make 2022 the year you finally overcome Imposter Syndrome for good!

Join my Imposter Syndrome pilot program!

In 2021, over 150 women participated in my Imposter Syndrome workshops. The feedback was extremely positive and many of them reached out to ask for more. More learning, more support and more tools to help them overcome the terrible, insidious feeling that they're not worthy of their success.


I heard them.


I'm inviting you to join the pilot program of my live cohort-based course, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in 6 Life-Changing Weeks, which I'm offering in association with the amazing team at

This is your opportunity to work directly with me and other like-minded women to explore the root causes of your Imposter Syndrome, understand how it's holding you back, and to rediscover your authentic, expansive self.

As a member of the pilot program, you will receive extra time and attention from me as we co-design your transformative experience.

When the course formally launches in March 2022, tuition will be $1,500 USD, but for the pilot program, I'm offering it for $399 USD


Yup, that's a big discount. In exchange for this special price, I will ask for your honest feedback and thoughts as we progress through the program so I can make changes and improvements to ensure an optimal experience for you and future participants too.

Here's what you'll gain from joining the pilot:


Learn to adopt an expansive mindset. Understand yourself and your motivations. Gain confidence, clarity and authenticity.


Connect with like-minded women. Give and receive support, wisdom and kindness on your journey to expansiveness. Maintain those relationships long after the course is over.

Success on your terms

Ask for that raise. Go for that promotion. Apply for that big job. Launch that challenging project. Start that new business. It's all yours for the taking.

The nuts and bolts of it:

Sessions begin the week of January 31st and will continue for 6 weeks. There will be weekly live learning workshops, office hours and lots and lots of personal feedback from both me and your fellow learners. 

The pilot program will only happen once, so if you're interested, be sure to register soon.

Space is very limited.

Use promo code EXPANSIVE2022 to get the special $399 rate.

Discover more about what you'll be learning, how the course works and the benefits you can expect here.

Let's do this. Let's make 2022 a year to remember. 

I'm so excited!

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